Confession of an idle artist

I like to call myself an artist, but I’m not quite sure if I deserve to call myself that. Like this very moment, if you were to ask me to create something, I cannot think of anything. Right now, I am simply an uninspired, inept person. Do I feel like I should be creating something? Yes, I do, but I’m just staring at my Mac Pro, writing these confessions of an idle artist.

Maybe, hopefully, this is just a fresh college graduate phase. It actually worries me even more because I should be pumped up to start a career. Career. I hate that word. It sounds like a lifetime of busy schedules and meetings. I don’t want that. I want to create. But thats not happening either. Well, atleast not at the moment.

I took a walk at the park in the morning. I don’t do that, but I needed that. I was hoping to be alone, but the middle school kids came rushing! Maybe I will go earlier in the morning tomorrow.  See what it has to offer. And I will find it. I hate being like this. Its probably one of the worst feelings, being an unproductive artist.


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